Our activities in IB

     My name is Andrea.My first activity is creating a WEB site for CAS. I came up with idea of creating a WEB site while I was on Internet, and I thought it would be good to introduce other people with our CAS activities.

My second activity is teaching children latin dances in Dance Studio ALEGRO.This is a picture of children from dance studio ALEGRO in which I’m doing my activity. This picture was made when we were on festival called Day of Children’s Theatre.

My third activity is making a play for old people and for delikvents,and then we will act that show in front of them.for now we are creating our show and we decided it will be a tragic-comedy.
     My name is Srdjan Vujasin, and I am student of IB school in Banja Luka. I am one of creators of CAS web site. At first Andrea tried to create it, but because she had a lot of problems I decided to help her.

First idea I came to do as CAS activity is teaching children how to swim. I am having a lot of problems with that becouse I need a lot of many to pay swimming pool, and tools for kids.

The second CAS activity I am trying to start is helpin the children from Kosowo and Metohia. It is big discrease for Bosnia and Herzegovina to not have organisation for helping these children who do not have freedom. I wrote an e-mail and I am going next weekend in Belgrade to visit their office. I think this activity will be biggest CAS activity of our generation .
    My name is Vanja Tadic. I am a student of Banja Luka`s first IB school. This program helps me express myself as a creative individual, and inspires me to extend my creativitve skills. As well as helping me improve myself as an individual, this helped me with school, because forming this project gave me some extra points in my CAS subject.

As an important part of this ITGS class my role is to represent one part of our activities and prepare it for our website. This month I made a webpage for our Allegro dance studio and featured pictures of our visit to them (eg.). I also created the interesting sketeches of us, using cartoon characters to represent us, you will be able to see this art innovation on our website www.enovine.net/cas .

I strongly recommend everyone to visit our site

    Hi my name is Tijana and as one of the 10 students of Banja Luka’s first IB school my job in our ITGS class where there’s six of the 10 of us is to follow up on my fellow classmates CAS activities and see what kind of new experiences they went through, and to see if any of those new experiences had any kind of special impact on them in either way. And if that helped them grow as an individual in any kind of way. After interviewing everyone, and keeping notes about the most important parts of their CAS activites i display it all on our own personal ITGS website www.enovine.net/cas
     Hello! My name is Milana and I am one of 10 students which are going to IB school. For CAS my first activity was to make a logo which we are using now. I made two logos; one is going to be in use all the time and other we are going to use when we want.
My second activity is connected with people who work in social community. Along with my friends I am going to work on few projects that involve kids and old people.
One of my other activities is connected with Ombudsman; with them we are going to elementary school where we are going to have a few presentations. The presentations are going to involve talking about children rights and many games.
I am also in ITGS team and we work on our web site. Everything that we have done you can see on our web site: www.enovine.net/cas .
   Nenad Simic
1.  Grammar school BL
-  About them:
-  They’ve been active a couple of years
-  They reach many results
-  Media coverage (news, television, fair, internet (www.znanje.org).
-  Why them ?
-  They lack products
-  Their activities are very creative, which was a very interesting adventure for me that inspired me to make a DVD summarizing all their creative activities.
-  I find making DVD’S a fulfilling way to spend my spare time, and this IB school helped me realize that I can use that love for DVD making to get me some extra CAS points for school. So basically, this school allows me to express myself in many ways.
2.   When I finished this first project, that is, the DVD summarizing the activities of our very ambitious 10 IB students that is my very ambitious fellow classmates. It seemed logical to do the same thing, but this time does a DVD summarizing the activites of our General Gymnasia, as recommended by my ITGS teacher. This project is still waiting to be started.
Teacher Zeljko Grbic


Ovaj predmet se ne izučava u klasićnim srednjim skolama. Izučavaju se informacione tehnologije I socijalno-etički aspekti I medjusobni uticaji informacone tehnologije na drušstvo.

This subject doesn`t exist in other classic highschools in Banja Luka. Part of the plan, and what this subject, in general, is all about is explaining informational technology and the social-ethical aspects and effects that modern technology has on the world today.