2006. October

  Simić, Nenad This month, Nenad did a lot of work using his personal professional camera. This effected Nenad in many ways, he learned to work with people, to make compromises, and cooperate with his colleagues.
  Marinković, Milana This month, Milana visited Banja luka's old folk's home, a boot camp for underage delinquents, she also helped form our personal CAS website for the ITGS group. This effected Milana in many ways. She learned the importance of donating some spare time to the elderly, that many kids our age take for granted. Making the CAS webpage developed her creative skills.                                                                               
  Vujasin, Srdjan This month, Srdjan, along with Milana, visited Banja Luka's old folk's home, a boot camp for underage delinquents, he also helped form some ideas for our CAS website. This effected Srdjan in a couple of ways. He was surprised in a good way. after visiting Banja Luka's old folks home, because he realized that all the people inside got along, and he admires the fact that they all take care of each other and love each other.
  Tadić, Vanja Vanja visited all the same places as her colleagues: Nenad, Milana, Andrea and Srdjan did. This effected Vanja in a few ways. She learned the importance of obeying the law and being a normal and honest citizen after visiting the boot camp.
  Vudrag, Andrea Andrea visited Banja Luka's book fair, she actively teaches children basic dance skills at the Allegro dance studio of Banja Luka. She also helped design our CAS website. This fulfilled Andrea in many ways. She realized how interesting it was to organize her days and spending time helping people.
  Petrović, Tijana Tijana helped design our first website for CAS. This effected Tijana because she acquired the skills that we need to make a website.
At Fair Banja Luka 2006.