CAS enables and inspires each student to develop a spirit of discovery and initiative that has real benefits and consequences.It encourages students to discover new skills, interests and to develop a sense of responsibility and personal commitment to do what they can to improve world around them and increase the well being of others.

What is CAS?


Creativity includes all kind artistic activities or any other activities. Other activities can involve imagination and creative thinking, example: taking art class, participating in a school theatre, planning and designing website…



Action includes team or individual expeditions or any other physical activities: playing on a school team, taking a yoga or martial arts class, participating in a hiking or biking club.



Service includes projects and activities that benefit the school, local, national and international communities. Example: serving on the student council, volunteering at a local child-care center for homeless children, fundraising for an international project or organization.


Nature of the Program

Students are expected to be involved for the equivalent of at the least three to four hours a week, 150 hours over two years. Each activity or project should be monitored appropriateness, quality and student participation. Evaluation by the school and self-evaluation by the student is an ongoing process throughout the two-year diploma period.