Tatjana Vučić, an ex student of Banja Luka’s Grammar school, who is currently finishing her diploma in Milano should pay us a visit this month. Tatjana organized brief presentations about the college and university system in Italy.



The student’s of IB school are planning a visit to Mostar, where theres an IB college. The main goal fo this trip is to see how this college system works, and to see if there’s many similiraties. They will also get a chance of meeting all the international students and they will go sightseeing.


Srđan Vujasin, just like his colleague Sara took an interested in joining Banja Luka’s bow and arrow club. He’s very pleased with his activity.



 Our IB school was payed a visit by a delegation from Mostar, they met all the students of Banja Luka’s first IB school, and Banja Luka’s broadcasting team, „ALTERNATIVNA TELEVIZIJA“ was there to film some interviews with the teachers and students


Dragana Petričević and Sonja Janković were guests at a press conference that Banja Luka’s “OMBUDSMAN”(center for children’s rights) organized.



Tijana Petrović and Milana Marinković joined Grammar school’s art club. The leaders of this club are Jasna  Marić and Slobodan Vidović, who are professors at Grammar School. After further agreement, they will continue participating in these meeting


8.11.2006. ACTION

Vanja Tadić and Milana Marinković started volunteering at Banja Luka’s old folk’s home. They organise and lead creative workstations for the elderly every Friday. There will be a presentation about their visits hosted at Grammar School.

06.11.2006 CLASSROOM

The students of IB school got their own classroom which features blue tables,chairs,and closets.The classroom also features a white board and a computer. They are expecting to get an internet connection soon.

01.11.2006 TRAINING

In Banja Luka’s center for children’s rights „OMBUDSMAN“ a training period was organized for IB students. The team leader being Aleksdandra Puhalo who is going to follow up on activities and progress.



This month’s assessment report about IB student's activities involving CAS was written by Tijana Petrović.

28.10.2006 CAS LOGO

A personal logo representing the subject CAS was created and designed by Milana Marinković on this date. We are going to use this logo for personal IB uses, and students of Grammar school can catch a glimpse of it in our hallways.


26. 10.2006 

In order to capture and to keep a record of all of our CAS activities we decided to make a DVD film. The DVD will soon be available to everyone, so that the whole school can be informed of our CAS activities, and just what CAS is all about.


Andrea, Dragana, Tijana, Sara, Sonja, and Branislav decided to make up and organize their own personal play called „FAMILY LIFE“. They direct their own play, but with the help of their team leader Vanja Kuruzović, who is a psychology teacher at IB school.


Today IB students visited Ombudsman and they are will cooperate with Aleksandra Puhalo on one project which involves children and children rights.

 13.10.2006. CONFERENCE

A conference

13.10.2006 CONFERENCEA conference hosted by the student council was organized in the press center where Nenad Simić filmed the whole event.



The internacional childrens festival was organized in Bnja Luka.Andrea Vudrag was a member of this festival with her dance group ˝Alegro˝.

06.10.2006. Reading Room

the students of Banja Lukas Grammar School have internet access  from this day on, in the reading room, located on the first floor.The principal hopes that the students will take this equipment seriously, and be cautious with it.We are shure everyone will.



The ITGS team visited an art gallery that was hosted by Slobodan Vidović.This art gallery featured his personal artwork.The name of this presentation is ˝Picture and space˝.this was all organised with the help of prof. Željko Grbić.


Sara Jevtović joined Banja Luka´s bow and arrow club as a part of her CAS activity.


Banja Luka´s Book Fair(from 19.09.-24.09.)

Andrea Vudrag hosted a performance with her dance group ˝Alegro˝.Her collague Nenad Simić filmed the whole event.Together they worked on the material thet they later presented on our website regarding this event.



Milana Marinkovic joined Grammar Schools student councul as a representative of the IB division.


An official ITGS team was formed.Their goal is forming a webpage representing Banja Luka's IB school. Andrea Vudrag and Srđan Vujasin are held in change for the organisation and design of this website. The rest of ITGS team is focused on getting together facts and research.