crazy pictures

a new fashion day dreaming funny faces hr hr hr Johannes is a girl
kiss shoes tattoo we are safe we love this tree


hanging out

funny faces in the circle singing together with mayor with Portuguese sisters
chain city hall      


host families

the host family the host family 2


project work         

team work photo break


sights of Portugal

legend the longest bridge in Europe a lake bus station monument
church casa de Mateos      



friends forewer on the mountains English band cruising






1st day

energizers German presentation Jovica giving a presentation meatballs more energizers
Polish presentation Portuguese presentation staff room Swedish presentation teachers working
with principal cooking international_ dear prof.milena dinner is ready energizers 3


2nd day

teachers working on posters Christmas market pizza for everybody city centre
old house        


3rd day

Nina and her hoasts painting workshop three of us workshop yummy
international groups in museum In the Hall of Peace    


4th day

Hands-on session at the bakery internet research Meeting Bosnian immigrant at the bakery painting workshops posters
cooke Presenting posters Presenting posters 1 dance workshop evening at the disco


5th day

christmas market Farewell Dinner milana with Dutch girls Portuguese eating sausages Schnoor in Bremen
teachers The Lord Mayer Mr Pistorius Bremen Bremen Town Musicians  


funny photos

crazy girls fishy kiss fun in the bus_ german big kids hohohoho
jasper johan jovica milana Christmas Market
people tiramisu what is funny beautiful girls