School visit
  -Computer lab
  -Student council
Old people's house
The city

What can we say and is it even necessary to say something?
It is a general fact that you have fun on trips like these, and that was also the case with us.
Our pleasant hosts Tea, Tanita, Monja, Daliija and Denis took care that this visit to Mostar stays with us as one of the best memories, and that we, of course, spend a great time there.
During the day we went on planned tour and sight-seeing, and during the evening we spent our time in a café. That was our daily pattern.
Of course, something we couldn’t avoid was food.Barbaque,barbaque and barbaque…it was excellent , although the one in Banja Luka is better.We also tried Italian food, which was outstanding…,and after that we britghtened up that gloomy and rainy Saturday in Mostar with cakes in a confectionery.
When we look back at everything… it was awesome.