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The city

You won’t believe, but these pictures were taken on 3.6.2006. in Mostar.
The weather was everything but cooperative, but we used it quite well, although after that (usage) we were a bit wet (from the rain, of course).
Mostar, always interesting and attractive for the tourists, accepted us for a weekend.The most impressing is , of course, the old part of the city.The Old bridge, many forts, stores, mosques, cathedrals and of course, the dark blue river Neretva, always mysterious, fought each other for our attention.
While your feet are getting an incredible massage from the cobble, your face is being whipped by the original Mediterranean gale , exicted voices coming from the thrilled tourists are ringing in your ears and your eyes feast on the sites of unique jewelry and different handcrafts…that’s how you feel when you stroll through the old city in Mostar.
The climate, even when the weather was bad, had a hint of the Mediterranean and we couldn’t suppress that magical feeling that we were on the sea, or at least near it… the gale reminded us of that all the time.
The political divide on the east and west Mostar (the Bosnian and Croatian part) is a bit complicated. A lot of people think that the Neretva divides the city,but it doesn’t.
The main street divides the city. When you cross that street you are automatically on the other side of Mostar.The divide is not just formal. You can see the difference in many things.Most of the west side is renovated, while everywhere on the east side you can still see traces of the recently finished war. On the east side you have the historical sights, while the west looks a lot more like a modern city with a big number of stores ,attractive clubs and cafés. It really is uncommon to see two different cities that are categorized as one, with the same name and that are divided by a single street… that was hard to understand, so we didn’t even try.