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Old people's house
The city
The IB diploma is the new curriculum that is going to be conducted in our school from the start of the school year.It is a two year education programme for the international diploma ‘’International baccalaureate’’.

IB-is the international matricualtion programme with a two year curriculum. There are six groups of subjects (native language,foreign language,experminental sciences, mathematics and computer science, social studies) and from each one of these groups students attend one subject.

The students can attend three or four subjects on the higher level, three being the minimal and four the maximal number, while all the other subjects are on the standard level. During the compulsory CAS programme (Creativity,Action,Service) ,the IBO educates complete individuals, because CAS activities develop: the students conscience about themselves, about care for other people and their ability to cooperate with others.As a part of the above mentioned programme, our students from the contact group visited the ‘’Old Gymnazium’’ in Mostar, in which a new UWC College is opening.This college  is going to work on the principals of the IB programme. Because of this our students enjoyed the time they spent with the young people from Mostar.They spent a pleasant weekend in different activities like the visit to their school, the visit to the retiring home or the meeting with students from the Students Council from the Gymnazium in Mostar etc., and the most important thing is that they made many contacts.