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As a part of our visit to the Gymnazium, we had a meeting with their Student’s council, or as they call it the Student’s board. Amila- the representative of the third grades which work by the federal programme, Tibor- representative of the third grades which work by the Croatian programme and Drazen-who, although he already graduated, is still considered a Gymansium student and was the representative of the fourth grades which work by the Croatian programme welcomed us.
The Council (Board) is structured in that manner so that every year, from both shifts, they have a representative from both programmes (the Federal and the Croatian), so in total there are 16 representatives and as they told us, they are functioning quite well.
First, we envied them on an extremely well equipped room, which they got as a donation from the OSCE. Because they are the only school with mixed nationalities not just in Mostar, they admit that they have privileges and they use them without modesty.And how generous the people from the OSCE are, you can see from the fact that they donated 55.000 KM to the Student’s Council (Board), so that they can decorate and equip their meeting room. On the pictures you can partially see how it all looks, but we can only testify how comfortable those armchairs which you can also see on the pictures, which look like sacks and in which we were so comofortably seated that we almost fell asleep after an exhausting day of walking, are.
Amila,tibor and Drazen told us about the activities that their Council(Board) took and the actions that they with more or less success managed to conduct in their school. They pointed out the the action in which they renovated and decorated the town’s park as one of the most successful, but the action which interested the students the most was a football tournament, also organized by the Council(Board), of course.Something that seemed interesting was a ‘’General knowledge quiz’’ in which the entire school took part and the best students were rewarded.
They cooperate with other high-schools in Mostar and help them so that they can properly develop their Council (Board).From their cooperaton came an action for the day against AIDS.Something that is also popular in Mostar is volunteering.Most often they volunteer in foster homes and homes for children with special needs.
The most interesting action, which they unfortunately didn’t manage to conduct because the teachers were on a strike, is the ‘’Gymnasium students auction’’ . The idea was that on Valentines day they have an auction of students, but only male students and the initial price would be 0,50 KM and all with the goal that noone is alone on that day.
Their main problem is the same as ours and it is the motivation of students and
the cooperation with the school.We suggested cooperation and students exchange with the goal of promoting and developing the work of our Councils (Boards).
We hope that this is a beginning of a successful friendship and mutual work.